OMRON Opens Automation Center in Singapore

  •   September 28, 2017
  •  Press Release
  •  Singapore

SINGAPORE, 28 September, 2017 – OMRON Asia Pacific, a global leader in automation technology, today announced the launch of its Automation Center (ATC) in Singapore.





2013 Asia Partner Conference

  •  18 July 2013
  •  News
  •  Singapore

Organised by OMRON Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Global Manufacturing Innovation showcases OMRON's determination to bring a brighter tomorrow by generating new value to both our customers and society.

OMRON's Power Saving Activity is all over India Media

  •  26 June 2013
  •  News
  •  India

OMRON’s Ayabe Plant – one of our eco factories – has become the subject of a documentary programme by FujiTV. Working with our Global Corporate Communications Department, the film explores the topic of “Power saving activities in Ayabe plant” as part of the “Catch! Asia Media Network” campaign.

The show details the steps Japan has taken to save energy and protect the environment, showcasing our environmentally friendly energy and waste management at our facilities.

The documentary has been offered to over 40 leading TV Channels in India, including CNBC TV18, Headlines Today, News 24, CNN IBN and more. Major dailies like the Business Standard and Hindustan Times have also covered the project. All of which has put OMRON in positive light, demonstrating our brand value and our commitment to the environment through our innovations.